Meetup – 11/08/2019


Agenda :

  1. How Internet Works
  2. Community Network
  3. Free software vs open source vs proprietary software

Date : 11-08-2019(Sunday).
Time : 10.00am-1:00 pm.

Venue: CITU Office, Villupuram Near Villupuram Junction.

Location :

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Minutes Of Meeting (11-08-2019 Sunday):

Venue : CITU Office, Near Junction, Villupuram

Time   : 10:00am to 1.30pm

Topics Discussed

How internet works  – Badri
Community network – Manimaran
Free software / Open-source / proprietary software – Manimaran

  1. Badri explained how internet works and explained the general terms like IP , Domain , ICANN , Then demonstrated Who is lookup, shodan search then explained p2p connections
  2. Manimaran started by differentiating network and internet , and explained the advantages in mesh networks. Then explained about openwrt , routers , ad-hoc mode , open-source protocols(batman). Finally demonstrated use case by using serval mesh, Rumble apps. Also show case the existing practices like PyMesh(Pondicherry Mesh Network) and LDL (Libre Digital Library).
  3. Manimaran explained about the proprietary vs open-source vs free software and mentioned the alternatives for proprietary software also by saying the advantages and differences in open-source and free software.

Presentation Link :


  • Manimaran
  • Vimal
  • Badrinath
  • Ashik
  • Deepa
  • Muthuraj
  • Ramanan

At-last they are requested some topics which are listed below :

  • OS installation.
  • Android development.
  • Web development.
  • FOSS-apps.


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