Meet up – 19/08/2018


  1. Introduction to NodeJS
  2. Talks on Decentralization and Federation. – Manimaran
  3. Introduction to Mastodon (Tusky) – Manimaran
  4. How Localization – FOSS apps. – Manimaran

Date  : 19-08-2018(Sunday).
Time : 10:00am-12:30 am.


VRP school, Oppsite to Kalyan theatre, Villupuram.

In Meet up

  • Manimaran explain about Decentralization and Federation. What are the problems in centralized system and Talk about Benefits of Decentralization with Federation.
  • After that intro and demo of Tusky app for mastodon mobile client. Which is one of the decentralized social media.
  • Continue by How localization to FOSS apps.


Credits To

  • Meet up and Venue arrangements – Vimal & Guru
  • Poster & Blog – Manimaran
  • Photos – Guru
  • Social media sharing & Organized – Villupuram GLUG members

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