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Web Development Training 2022 – Session #7 – 29/May/2022

Hello all,

VGLUG sharing various technology knowledge to rural college students. As part of it we are doing Web Development Training class every week. The training is divided into two teams due to huge number of participants. 3rd and final year students are in the Red team and the 1st and 2nd year students are in the Blue team. In this Web Development training we share knowledge about Web Development(ReactJS and NodeJS), Free software technologies, tools and social activities.


Date: 29-May-2022
Timing: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Venue: VGLUG Office, No. 416, Ganapathi nagar, K.K. Road, Villupuram – 605 602
Contact: Mr. Sathish – 7502273418

Map location:
Google maps –


  1. JavaScript events
  2. Internet surveillance

Minutes of meet

  • This week Red team – Web Development session was handled by Sathish.
  • Sathish explained about some JavaScript functions. Participants are more interested and asked so many doubts regarding this.
  • Sathish gave many tasks to participants and they finish that tasks.
  • Then he speak about internet surveillance, he explained why we have to use open source software and how the open source software give privacy to users.
  • Finally, Kiruthiga explained about Wikimedia-Hackathon and she shares her experience and she explained what happened in hackathon.
  • 20+ people attended this week class.



Date: 01-May-2022
Timing: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Venue : VGLUG Foundation, Bhavani Street, Alamelupuram, Villupuram – 605 602
Contact: Ms. Keerthana – 7402128023

Map location :
Google maps –


  1. Shell Scripting
  2. About Wikimedia
  3. Book discussion
  4. Web development task

Minutes of meet

  • This week Blue team – Web Development session was handled by Haripriya, Vignesh, Sivasakthi.
  • Vignesh explained about some Linux Basic Commands which are helps to file handling, directory handling, root access. And he gives suggestion for how to use Linux without GUI.
  • In this session Haripriya explained about the complete family of Wikimedia, then she explained how to create Wikimedia account and how to upload photos in Wiki Commons with our own license and copyright.
  • Then, Haripriya shares about Ayeesha Tamil book after that the participants shares their views about Ayeesha’s story.
  • Haripriya and Sivasakthi explained about some Web Development topics which is covered in previous sessions, and they gave task to everyone to create a calculator.
  • Finally, everyone discussed about the movie “The Social Dilemma”.
  • 25+ people attended this week class.


Thanks To:

  • Speakers: Sathish, Haripriya, Vignesh, Sivasakthi
  • Poster: Latha
  • Blog: Kanagasabapathy
  • All other VGLUG volunteers and participants

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