Meetup, Villupuram GLUG

Meet up – 13/10/2013


  1. Philosophy of free software – Karkee
  2. Difference b/w property & free softwares – Venkadesh
  3. Intro to TOR browser, DuckDuckGo, Mozila and Thunderbird – Devakumar
  4. GNU/Linux OS installation – Anandhamoorthy

Date  : 13-10-2013(Sunday).
Time : 10:00am-12:00 pm.


VRP school,
Opposite to Kalyan theater,

About Meet up

  • Philosophy of free software and Explained about Four Freedoms by Karkee
  • Free for freedom!…. difference b/w property & free softwares by Venkadesh
  • Introduction about TOR browser, DuckDuckGo,Mozila and thunderbird by Devakumar.
  • GNU/Linux OS installation DEMO by Anandhamoorthy.


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