Villupuram GNU/Linux Users Group (Villupuram GLUG) is a non profit organization started in 2013, Impression of Free and open-source software (FOSS). This organization is a social movement that works towards enlightening the masses with the essence of free software and to liberate knowledge. Our main objectives are to take forward free software and its ideological implications to all corners of our country from the developed domains to the underprivileged, to create awareness among computer users in the use of free software, to take forward implementation and usage of free software in school education, academics and higher education, etc.

Major aims

1. Creating awareness on GNU/Linux Operating System and Free Software.
2. Delivering for free, various flavors of latest and old versions of Gnu/Linux for those in need around Villupuram.
3. Conducting weekly once or monthly twice Meet-up in Villupuram with those who have interest to know about Gnu/Linux and Free Software (Anyone can join the meet up)
4. Conducting workshop, Software Freedom Day, Education Freedom Day, Summer Camp, Winter camp, Weekathon,etc.

  • We are a Technical + Philosophical group, where we care about the Philosophy of Free Software and Freedom / Free Speech over the Internet. We believe that Technology should not be restricted only to few people. It should reach million and should give users every Freedom.
  • We live in a Society, and not contributing to a society is not fair. As they give things for us to live, sustain and grow then why not spend few minutes to contribute back?
  • Villupuram Gnu/Linux Users Group also called as “VillupuramGLUG” in short is run by group of volunteers from Villupuram.

Villupuram GLUG in COLLEGES


We all have meetups weekly or twice in a month. Students, working professionals, activists in Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu, Free Software contributors, etc.We conduct technical sessions and will have general discussions on various ideological liberation. Interested peoples can join with us. Our meetup schedule along with venue will be posted here. You can come and join there. Lets learn and promote Free Software together. see more…


We use to conduct various events such as Summer Camp (Workshops on various Free Software Technologies), Software Freedom Day (Public event to reach Free Software to public), Education Freedom Day (Reach Free Softwares and computer technologies among the school students), etc. Event details will be published here. Interested one can take part and explore more. see more…

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