Meetup, Villupuram GLUG

Meet up – 30/04/2017


  1. Hacking in OSM
  2. PDS Discussion

Date  : 30-04-2017(Sunday).

Time : 10:00am-12:30 pm.


Gandhi school, Santhana Bajanai kovil st, Villupuram.

In Meet up

  • In this meet up we had overview of our PDS system for new comers and also we saw about geo data in OSM.
  • In this session, we had three activities for PDS which are the following
  • To collect address and convert them into latitude and longitude
  • Import or JSON into OSM
  • How it should be?

  For these, we are splitted into three teams and each team had one activity. one team has collected some address and displayed latitude and longitude for that place. They used Python language.They started by Importing geocoder first then get data from user and store it in a variable.This is for one address,for getting Lat and Lon for five address they used Loop and address are taken in array..finally they had displayed lat and lon for those five address.Another team has discussed about how it should be.


import geocoder

address = []

i = 1

while i<=5:

a=raw_input(“enter the address”)


i = i+1

print address latlngarray=[]

for a in address:

g =


print latlngarray

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