Meetup, Villupuram GLUG

Meetup – 30/12/2018

We have conducted meet up on 30.12.2018,I think that is the Last meet up of 2018 was successfully ended. First of all thank you Mr.Ravivarman sir for gave a venue for Meet up.


  1. Python – Sathish
  2. Discuss About previously conducted event.
  3. Discuss About next year meet up agendas.

Date : 30-12-2018

Time : 10.30 – 1.30

Venue : Dream India innovations office, Municipal office opposite street.

Meet up was started around 10.30Am, python session was conducted by Sathish from 11am-12pm after that we are all discussed about previously conducted events and its outputs,where the mistakes was happened and how to correct that mistakes. Finally discussed about next year meet up agendas

Finally Discussed About Next Year Meet Up Agendas

  1. Every one create a git rep for documenting their feedback and what they are learned form the every meetups. Create the event in Face book before conducting the weekly meetups.
  2. Solving the Venue problem.
  3. Agenda structure ->Technical session, Non-Technical session, Plan for next meetup Agenda.
  4. Who bring the people to VGLUG they are responsible person of that people.
  5. Meetups and Events Info sharing on social media-Guru(incharge).
  6. Meetups and Events Documentations-Rajeev and Vimal.

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