Villupuram GLUG

Weekly Tech Meetup @VilupuramGLUG (11-08-2019)

Agenda :

  1. How Internet Works
  2. Community Network
  3. Free software vs open source vs proprietary software

Date : 11-08-2019(Sunday).
Time : 10.00am-1:00 pm.

Venue: CITU Office, Villupuram Near Villupuram Junction.

Location :

Open Street Map :

Google Map :

Minutes Of Meeting (11-08-2019 Sunday):

Venue : CITU Office, Near Junction, Villupuram

Time   : 10:00am to 1.30pm

Topics Discussed

How internet works  – Badri
Community network – Manimaran
Free software / Open-source / proprietary software – Manimaran

  1. Badri explained how internet works and explained the general terms like IP , Domain , ICANN , Then demonstrated Who is lookup, shodan search then explained p2p connections
  2. I started by differentiating network and internet , and explained the advantages in mesh networks. Then explained about openwrt , routers , ad-hoc mode , open-source protocols(batman). Finally demonstrated use case by using serval mesh, Rumble apps. Also show case the existing practices like PyMesh(Pondicherry Mesh Network) and LDL (Libre Digital Library).
  3. I explained about the proprietary vs open-source vs free software and mentioned the alternatives for proprietary software also by saying the advantages and differences in open-source and free software.

Presentation Link :

Click to access community_network.pdf


  • Manimaran
  • Vimal
  • Badrinath
  • Ashik
  • Deepa
  • Muthuraj
  • Ramanan

At-last they are requested some topics which are listed below :

  • OS installation.
  • Android development.
  • Web development.
  • FOSS-apps.


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