Meetup, Villupuram GLUG

Meet up – 29/06/2014


  1. Free Software Philosophy  – Mr.Anand
  2. FOSS Bug reporting Mr. Sarath
  3. Blog Creation – Mr.Balaji 
  4. Introduction to the Basics of Cryptography – Mr.Prasanna

Date  : 29-06-2014(Sunday).
Time : 9:30am-12:00 pm.


CITU office, Villupuram

In Meet up

1 )Free software Philosophy and  Freedoms

  • Mr.Anand tells about the Free software Philosophy and  Freedoms
  • What is Free software and for what purpose we are going for free software ?
  • Free software means software that respects user’s freedom and community roughly, the users have the  freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.
  • Free software is a matter of liberty not price. To understand the concept you should think of Free as free as in free speech.  And the Free software are developed by Free Software Foundation and Contributors.


What are Freedoms of free software ?

Freedom 0 – To run the program for any other purpose.

Freedom 1– To study how the program works, and change it for computing as you wish. Access to source code is precondition for free software.

Freedom 2-To redistribute copies to your neighbours.

Freedom 3-To distribute copies of your modified versions to others.

  • He tells the comparisons between Proprietary software and Free software. And he tells about the copy left. Richard stallman story of For want of printer. He tells about the GNU(Gnu is not Unix) And GPL(General Public License). And he Finishes his speech..After that 


2) Bug reporting Taken By Mr. Sarath

  • Mr.Sarath Tells about the Bug reporting in Mozilla Firefox. Because Mozilla Firefox is a free software so we go for that.

What is mean by Bug ?  Bug-Report-Logo-Design

  • A Software Bug is an Error,Flaw,Failure,or fault in a computer program system. That Causes to produce an incorrect or unexpected result.
  • To report the Bug, we can Use Bugzilla.
  • Bug Zilla is a Web-Based General Purpose Bugtracker&Testing Tool Developed By Mozilla and licensed under Mozilla Public License


For Eg: If there is a bug occur in mozillafirefox we can the send the bug information to the mozilla community, so they can help for me. And we can enhance or enlarge our contribution by clicking this site

3)Creation Of Blog By Mr.Balaji 

Mr.Balaji tells about how to create a blog and why we create a blog.

What is Blog?


  • A personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.
  • He  Listed out some of the opensource blogs in internet
  1. wordpress (
  2. Tumbler(
  3. (
  4. Quora(
  5. Submify (
  • And he tells how to create a blog in There are two type we can differ in Blog one is Personal Blog(we can write about myself or my life story in myBlog). other is Technical Blog(for sharing our technical knowledge to other so they can have the interest to know newthings).

  • We can include the widgets like (facebook,twitter) in our blog, So all people can know about you & way of technical knowledge. We can create a Homepage of our blog so the readers can know what is the blog is about.

 4) Introduction to the Basics of Cryptography By Mr.Prasanna

  • He tells the Concept of Cyptography that ‘Cryptography prior to the modern age was effectively synonymous with encryption
  • And He tells about the Symmetric-key Cryptography ,where the same key used for Both Encryption&decryption


  • We uses the Both Public key and private key for cryptography for security of our information sending to one person to anther without any  disturbance.


  • And At last All the Volunteers are sit together and Discuss about the suggestions, where we are going for, what is our next goal,how can we select the sessions about how the new members expecting by their Interest.



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