Meetup, Villupuram GLUG


We have conducted meetup on 24.2.2019,Aroundly 9 members were came including two new members from mailam college.

1.Python continuation-Sathish
2.Ethical Hacking-Adam

Date : 24-02-2019(Sunday).
Time : 9.30am-12:30 am.

Venue: CITU Office, Villupuram Near Villupuram Junction.

Meetup was started aroundly 10.00Am,python session was taken by Sathish.He taught three concepts(Functions,list comprehension,lambda function) in python and gave some tasks, after that Ethical Hacking session was started,that was taken by Mr.Adam,Initially he shared his success story and experience gained from Villupuram Glug after that he gave a introduction about Burpsuite tool,bug bounty and tool he used is burpsuite community edition which will come along side with kalilinux & parrot os. Finding vulnerabilities in web applications using burpsuite tool.He gave some reference website for bug bounty(

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