Meetup, Villupuram GLUG


Minutes of Meet
We have conducted meetup on 10.3.2019,aroundly 25 members were attended.

1.python Continuation-Sathish.
3.Common talk on designing and photography-Ravisankar.

Date : 10-03-2019(Sunday).
Time : 9.30am-12:30 am.

Venue: CITU Office, Villupuram Near Villupuram Junction.

First session

Meetup was started 10.00am,first session python was taken by sathish.He taught following five concepts with examples,
-Recursive function
-Generator function

Second Session

After that Mr.Adam gave introduction about OSINT framework and how to take the information of individual person details from commericial sites by using OSINT framework

Finally Designing & photography session was started that was taken by Mr.Ravisankar,he gave clear idea about what is art,photography,and gave a small introduction about DSLR camera and its three main concepts(Shutter speed,apperture,ISO) and then he told about when to increase the shutter speed,How to take the moving object with its speed.we are learned lot of thinks from three sessions.

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