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Install Linux Mint Operating System in your Personal Computer/ Laptop

We can running Linux mint on our PC without lose windows 10 or our personal files we can use both by the dual booting. Here we learn how to do dual booting in 5 steps,

  1. Download the Linux mint operating system(in an ISO file format)from Linux mint’s website.
  2. Download Rufus or Unetbootin
  3. Create a boot-able USB flash drive and copy Linux Mint onto it
  4. Restart the PC and load Linux Mint from your USB flash drive.
  5. Run the mint installation wizard to install Linux Mint 18.2 along-side Windows10

STEP 1 :

Download the Linux mint operating system in an ISO file format from the Linux mint website. First of all open your web browser and download A software called deluge

Deluge is an open source bit torrent application its purpose is to use the torrent protocol to download large size files without errors. We use deluge torrent because if we install large files directly from the browser it may be lost or error in last seconds. That’s why i prefer this method Deluge-torrent.org. By using above link install the deluge then go to the Linux mint website and download the Linux mint latest version i prefer the version in cinnamon 64 bit


Download the Rufus in your PC because it will load the Linux mint ISO image and put the Linux mint in USB flash drive it will then take that USB flash drive and make it bootable

before start the Rufus make sure that you have your USB flash drive already inserted into one of the USB ports on ur PC


Run the Rufus while run we have to change the file system field by clicking the drop down box and we will change that to fat32 which is the default setting to your PC can use to boot from the usb flash drive. Then click the Linux mint ISO file format

Then open the downloaded Linux mint’s ISO file then start the booting

then system ask you Linux download is required then click the yes then you can see new window. You will make sure that we have selected ISO image mode which is the recommended settings then click OK. Again new window appear and rufus ask delete your flash drive for bootable usb click OK. Then rufus boot the USB.


Restart your computer to enter the boot manager press the F12 repeatedly after your PC power on then Linux mint operating system is Boot in automatically.

click the red marked for boot option
you can see like this
Linux mint booting is complete
now you can see like this …
This is the desktop of cinnamon version


This is the installation step


choose the preferred language you want

You should click the above button because install the third party software you give the permission

And click the continue button

now you will click the installation type

Click the install Linux mint alongside windows 10 and click continue

the last step we have to allocate the drives space

space may or may not be equal

Then click Install now button

You can see the window tab like this now you will click continue button

Again u can see a new window this also ask something and then you will give continue

now installation is running in the background and you will give some information to the system like where you are from and give Ur name etc

Choose your country
now you have to click your keyboard layout
Left side is language and right side is additional options

Give the name to your computer and put password and then click continue


restart the computer

You can see the options like above now you choose the Linux mint operating system

now you can see the lock screen of Linux mint

now Linux mint operating systems is running your computer

Dual booting is now finished

Thanks To : Ram

Reference link:

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