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Software Freedom Day – 2k20 @Villupuram(20/09/2020)

Software Freedom Day

Software freedom day is celebrating every year in the month of September 3rd week all over the world. the main moto of this day to Create awareness among the people about what is software freedom and free software in the markets(free means freedom).

Free Software -> Freedom to study, copy, modify, share the software.

VGLUG SFD – 2020

Since 2014, Villupuram Gnu/Linux Users Group successfully celebrating the Software Freedom Day every year. In this year we are troubled in COVID-19 pandemic period. So, we plan to conduct the SFD 2020 by Virtually(Remotely).

VGLUG SFD 2020 – Poster


Before the SFD event, We plan to give FOSS awareness by collaboratively. So, we publish the FOSS related explanation or tutorials videos in youtube that’s we called as VGLUG_50_50. That means we aim 50 FOSS contributions from 50 contributors.


VGLUG 5050

Actually, That is made possible by following contributions,

Contributed ByFOSS – ContributionLink
RavivarmanTouch Free Hand Sanitizerhttps://youtu.be/eBppk68k9B0
Annapoorani KPython Basics Part – 1https://youtu.be/vVG9kmocUA4
Annapoorani KPython Basics Part – 2https://youtu.be/MB3RqIxo_14
Annapoorani KPython Basics Part – 3https://youtu.be/aBgZrJRCGr4
Annapoorani KPython Basics Part – 4https://youtu.be/I6Arx3FRpLI
Vignesh KLinux Basic Commandshttps://youtu.be/eBVvzwCqRpc
Vignesh KLinux Shell Scriptinghttps://youtu.be/7ZWgaXnbDrs
AjithPython Flask Framework Part 1https://youtu.be/esFQXqkGt_A
AjithPython Flask Framework Part 2https://youtu.be/X1FZb70tLcU
AjithPython Flask Framework Part 3https://youtu.be/5FvKyqOnkDo
Vigneshwaran .SPython Django Framework Part 1https://youtu.be/NNeNqRZbygk
Vigneshwaran .SPython Django Framework Part 2https://youtu.be/ER_QNSBLmpk
Vigneshwaran .SPython Django Framework Part 3https://youtu.be/ZRboUfFsQIo
Vigneshwaran .SPython Django Framework Part 4https://youtu.be/0mFwW8zMNiU
DhilipLinux Distroshttps://youtu.be/VWrAUTWQcBY
NandhiniTamil Typing in windowshttps://youtu.be/RUw1Yqestg8
T. Srinivasan, Kaniyam FoundationApacehe Airflow in The Cloudhttps://youtu.be/KjswMus9zZg
ஞா. ஸ்ரீதர், பட்டதாரி ஆசிரியர்விக்கிபீடியா மற்றும் அதன் மற்ற திட்டங்கள் பற்றிய தொகுப்பு.https://youtu.be/JtNsJ9xai2k
Manimaran. KSpell4Wiki – Wikimedia Commons Audio Upload Toolhttps://youtu.be/BFIH1cklaBM
Haritha. TBlenderhttps://youtu.be/_WbTOgsI_lg
BaranitharanOpen source NLP package – spaCyhttps://youtu.be/z4WZNYaIvoY
LathaHTML – Hyper Text Markup Languagehttps://youtu.be/Y_RDgh8ye44
Selva magilanMozilla Localisation – Tamilhttps://youtu.be/FfpFgsEa4us

VGLUG 50 50 – Contributions

OSM Contributions

VGLUG OSM Contribution

We include contribution of Open Streent Map(https://www.openstreetmap.org) as a part of SFD-2020 celebration. Then, we conduct one explanation session about OSM and OsmAnd+ app to all volunteers help of Jitsi(https://meet.jit.si/) tool. After that every volunteers started mapping their surrounding living areas and important places. Successfully, We collaboratively marked 200+ places in various district/areas. Thanks to every OSM mapper.

Mega Virtual Exhibition – SFD 2020

SFD 2020 – VGLUG – Guest Talk

In this COVID-19 situation everything happens virtually. Yes, SFD also happened virtually by help of class meet(https://classmeet.chiguru.tech) is a Bigbluebutton Instance hosted by http://chiguru.tech team. In this year we put various FOSS stalls virtually 10am to 3pm.

VGLUG SFD 2020 Stalls details and used links.

Stall NameVolunteersClass Meet link
WikipediaRamaiyah, Annapooranihttps://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/dil-wik-e2a8
LinuxAjith, Deepakhttps://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/dee-lin-912a
Libre OfficeVigneswaran, Cruzhttps://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/vig-lib-632c
BlenderJayasri, Lathahttps://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/kjl-ble-3dc7
Android AlternativesDilip, Harithahttps://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/dil-and-af68
Free Software PhilosophyViji, Hari Priyahttps://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/har-who-5518
Who We AreViji, Hari Priyahttps://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/har-who-5518

Actually, Going very well. Most of them explained what they learned and explored. Bad think also happened, some stalls not able to show case due to internet related problem. Because still bandwidth related problem happens in rural area. But, no one loss their hope. All of them tried their best. Big claps👏👏👏 to every one who have volunteered and participated.

After that, Mega Virtual conference started at 4pm to 6pm. Following speakers are participated virtually and share their experience and thoughts to all. Some of them send their greeting message to VGLUG team.

Key Speakers:

  • Suresh Sambandam – CEO, Kissflow
  • Dhilip – National teachers awardee, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Sathyamangalam, Villupuram
  • Subashini – President, Tamil Heritage  Foundation International (THFi)
  • Samyuktha Vijayan – Principle Technical Programming Manager, Coupang
  • Vijay Kumar – Head of Engineering at Zilogic Systems

All speeches are recorded and upload here – https://youtu.be/Y_72EsirAh8

Finally, SFD successfully completed with help of all the volunteers. Then, VGLUG elected next one year Co-Ordinators are Haripriaya, Anna Poorani and Vignesh Kannan. Congratulations to everyone.

VGLUG Co-Ordinators 2020-21

Previous SFD details :

Thanks To All volunteers, Guests, Speakers and Participants


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