Flutter Training 2021, Meetup, Training, Villupuram GLUG

Free Flutter Training 2021 – Session #19 – 13/Feb/2022

Hello all,

VGLUG sharing various technology knowledge to rural college students. As part of it we are doing Free Flutter Training class every week. In this flutter training we share knowledge about Flutter(Hybrid app development), Free software technologies and tools.

Date: 13-Feb-2022
Timing: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Venue : VGLUG Office, KK Road,Villupuram

Map Location:

Google map https://maps.app.goo.gl/ob96Hc6USj84brVR7


  1. Flutter Class
  2. General discussion

Minutes of meet

  • This week session was handled by Ethiraj and Keerthana.
  • Today we discussed about Provider in Flutter by Chitraarasu.Then Chitraarasu gave task to everyone, To create a simple app by using Provider.
  • Then Keerthana Explained about Arora Store which is alternative for Google Play Store, Wikipedia and also explained about Newpipe ,OBS and Spell4wiki these are FOSS application.
  • Ethiraj Explained about basics Internet of Things (IoT) and how it’s work.
  • Karkee discussed about our next VGLUG Web developement Training and that process.
  • This meeting was attended by about 20+ people.
  • Thanks to Karkee, Ethiraj, Keerthana ,Deepak ,Chitraarasu ,Vaibhavi ,Sowndharya , Ponneelan ,all Speakers and VGLUG Volunteers.


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